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Host to Roleplayer Notice

Post by Jelloniisan on Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:14 pm

So first of all, I want to give a big thank you to two of my pals here, Best Girl and Doggy for helping co-host this event for all of you, in the hopes that we can make a roleplay environment that is both enjoyable and long lasting. That being said, I have a few notices I want to bring to the attention of the roleplayers here.

First and foremost, this is my first DMG-hosted event and even with the help of Dog and Best Girl, it will by nigh impossible to make this event go 100% perfect. There is no way I can cater to every single person's whim and desire as a roleplayer. I can only hope that in every event I have laid for you in this story, you can find your spot in that place as well. However, to compensate, I will try my best to be flexible in the planning of every roleplayer. Private messages to me (you know you can always talk to the Jello yo) are greatly appreciated if you have any issues or concerns.

Next, I want to offer something here that most other RP's will not. I'm going to give a scheduling opportunity, quite literally, if you come and tell me the days you absolutely cannot RP for whatever reason on a regular basis (be it school, work, or time zone issues), I will do my best to create a consistent and flexible schedule with at least a whole day or more worth of notice before a session begins. This is for the best interest of the group and to have as many people as possible there during every session, keeping the cast large and diverse. With that, as I've said before, it is impossible to keep a schedule going that everyone can always make every time. So if there are some days you simply cannot be there for whatever reason, do not let it get you down, there are plenty of sessions and missing a few here or there will not make you irrelevant.

[More will be added before this goes live...]

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