Shattered Hopes - Nadiya

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Shattered Hopes - Nadiya

Post by Doggy on Sun May 01, 2016 10:23 pm

Da Grill:

Name: Nadiya
Age: ??? (looks to be about 16-17)
Gender: Female
Alignment: Seekers

Ace Card: Number 39: Utopia
Deck: "Cosmic Path"  Nadiya’s deck mixes the Constellars and Tellarknights, both armies of LIGHT monsters who seek to create rank 3, 4 and 5 Xyz monsters often with single target destruction or removal effects. Many seek out other comrades from the deck or graveyard upon summon and there are two pendulum monsters of the Tellarknights to help facilitate the summoning of 3+ material Xyz monsters. Utopia finds a home in the deck as a protective effect and symbol of hope.
Character Skill: “Stellar Nexus”

All Constellar cards are also treated as Tellarknight cards and all Tellarknight cards are also treated as Constellar cards. Once per turn if an Xyz monster you control is removed from the field you can add 1 originally named “Constellar” monster and/or 1 originally named “Tellarknight” monster from your deck to your hand.

Once per turn if a Utopia monster you control would be destroyed by battle or card effect you can banish one monster in your graveyard then select another monster in your graveyard and attach it as an Xyz material to that Utopia monster. Negate the attack or effect.

Development Skill: “Stellar Facade”

The "Utopia" related effects of "Stellar Nexus" are negated. Once per turn, during your Standby Phase, if your "Masquerade" monster is in the Graveyard, you can banish 1 card from your Graveyard to Special Summon that monster and attach 1 monster from your Graveyard to it as Xyz Material. If "Number C104: Umbral Horror Masquerade" is Summoned by this Skill, it cannot detach Xyz Material during this turn. During your Main Phase, you can Xyz Summon "Number C104: Umbral Horror Masquerade" using a face-up "Number 104: Masquerade" you control as Xyz Material by banishing 1 "Utopia" monster from your Extra Deck.

Despite having no memory of her past self Nadiya has distinct emotions and reactions that feel natural to her. She is strong willed and proactive about solving problems. She doesn’t wait to be told what to do but goes forward. She doesn’t ask for help under most circumstances and gets irritated with people who feel the need to go out of their way to help her. She loves windy rainy days, hates certain foods, knows what she likes to wear. Things she shouldn’t know just feel right to her.

Nadiya is straightforward with people and doesn’t like to mess around. She’d enjoy people and joking around more if she had her memories with her. Not knowing much of what people are talking about irritates her. She feels a need to be kind to people yet can’t shake the feeling she has not experienced much kindness in her own life. She’s impatient to remember things and prone to headaches but pushes through a lot of things to keep going. She’ll run herself ragged without thinking about it too carefully.

Long had the Vishnu Corps sought a way for humanity to come to understand the divide. Those who interacted with it were threatened with insanity or worse and yet the fact it was there meant humans felt the need to understand it. The NADIYA project was a secret government effort from years ago to determine if humans could safely interact with the Divide. They sought to understand the exact side effects of interacting with it and hoped to eventually be able to control it. The test subject for the project had to be human it was determined. Hardly ethical but with something so strange and mysterious they felt they could not justify waiting through the process of animal experimentation. After a thorough amount of cover up they found their subject in a young girl who was regularly exposed to the Divide and observed afterwards for side effects. There were many negative and bizarre reactions and the experiences were often very painful for her. And while difficult it seemed they were making headway in at least tapping into the divide as they desired. Their subject however was not fairing well from the prolonged exposures.

After several years of mixed results the team prepared to amp up their efforts. They wanted to stop merely exposing people to the energy of the divide and see if they couldn’t actually move a person into the divide itself. Their subject had long since stopped fighting them in anything they did. The girl could hardly talk or move or register any sort of pain. It required ever larger and more expensive machines that were more and more difficult to keep secret. Their plan was to send her in with equipment to record what was going on around her then pull her back out. But before this glorious next step in human advancement could occur an oddly dressed woman carrying a staff had come to the facility. No one had seen her before and to their knowledge she shouldn’t have known what was going on there. She walked through the room and anyone who attempted to apprehend her was sent flying. She came to the girl they had long experimented on and placed a hand on her shoulder. With a word under her breath the test subject vanished into thin air. The woman then claimed the Divide owned the girl now. Strange creatures appeared that seemed to bear the faces of men in their chests and they destroyed much of the facility before departing. A single warning was given: to stop seeking out the Divide.

It has been years since the NADIYA project was abandoned for the catastrophic failure. The team was shown first hand it was a power they should not have been tampering with. And so they left it alone. The associated facilities were abandoned and research ceased. They complied with the demand knowing nothing of their assailant, simply that should she return they would be powerless against her.

Recently however a girl awoke in the ruined facility without a memory of her past. The one thing she recalled was a name, Nadiya. She assumed it was her name. She had a deck of cards with her that she instinctively knew how to use but beyond that there was nothing she could remember. She’s been wandering around the town seeking some sort clue as to who she was and what had happened to her. She is completely unaware that she is the girl that was taken, returned years later and hardly a day older for the ware. While her eyes were both once green one is golden now, a sign of the Divide’s hold on her. As well her hair was once blonde and now is a strange pink. She was sent with a purpose and she can feel that much but what it was is gone along all else relating to who she once was.

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