"GODDOZIRRAH!!!" - Shouhei Hashimoto

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"GODDOZIRRAH!!!" - Shouhei Hashimoto

Post by Doggy on Sun May 01, 2016 10:12 pm

Warning, Incredibly Hot Boy:

Name: Shouhei Hashimoto
Age: 27
Gender: Bishounen
Alignment: Deva of Trimurti

Ace Card: The Tyrant Neptune
Deck Description: “Deceit and Destruction” A melding of the Graydles, deceptive aquatic creatures that steal the opponent’s monsters when they are destroyed and the Kaijus, mighty behemoths as large as skyscrapers that seek to battle each other by tributing opposing monsters to appear on both sides of the field. The deck seeks to get over opposing threats by tributing them away then beating over the summoned Kaiju with a stronger one or taking it back with the help of the Graydles. The Tyrant Neptune easily becomes a mighty Kaiju himself, gaining the name and effect of one but the strength of up to two monsters.
Character Skill: “The Path to Carnage”

-At the start of the duel activate “Kyoutou Waterfront” from your deck and place one Kaiju Counter on it. Kaiju monsters you control gain 100 ATK and DEF per Kaiju Counter on “Kyoutou Waterfront”. Your opponent cannot activate the effects of Kaiju monsters you own without first discarding a card from their hand. At the beginning of your turn if there are 5 or more Kaiju Counters on the field you can control a maximum of two Kaiju monsters this turn. During the endphase of a turn you controlled two face up Kaiju monsters select one Kaiju monster you control, draw one card then return the selected monster to the deck.

-When you would tribute summon “The Tyrant Neptune” if your opponent controls a face-up Kaiju monster you can use that monster as a tribute. If you summon “The Tyrant Neptune” this way special summon to your opponent’s side of the field a Kaijuu token with the same ATK and DEF as the tributed Kaiju monster in ATK position and “The Tyrant Neptune” cannot attack this turn. When “The Tyrant Neptune” destroys an opponent’s monster by battle inflict damage to your opponent equal to that monster’s original ATK.

Shouhei appears outwardly very calm and proper. He knows the rules and plays by them when convenient. But he’s very aware of his strength and will not hesitate to exercise his power or influence for his own personal gain no matter how much rule bending it incorporates. His fellow Devas are the only two to have ever really earned his respect and he is very condescending to anyone other than them.

He is very much the impulsive third of the trio, acting on whims and passions which often run rampant in him. His heart’s ultimate desire is destruction. To see people, buildings, entire cities in ruin fills him with a horrifying sense of joy. It confuses and alarms him yet he loves it all the same. He’s prone to fits of psychotic rage as well. He’s aware he’s likely not mentally healthy yet he continues to function well despite the issues and has no desire to be any different.

When it comes to work he stays mostly focused unless an opportunity to indulge his manias presents itself. He has little patience for his subordinates’ mistakes and quickly turns to overly severe punishments. Again only the other Devas can rein him in. Shouhei loves female attention and can be quite the lady’s man. He will try to work his charm on just about any woman he meets except for Cinder who he never felt safe to try it with.

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