"Keikaku Dori" - Cinder

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"Keikaku Dori" - Cinder

Post by Best Girl on Sun May 01, 2016 8:55 pm

“Show them gods and deities,
Blind and keep the people on their knees.
Pierce the sky, escape your fate.
The more you try the more you'll just breed hate,

And lies.
Truth will rise,
Revealed by mirrored eyes.”

Nameless King
Darkness of Eternity
Reminiscence of a Guilty Lover

Name: Shiva Cinder
Age: 29
Gender: hottest grill in town
Alignment: Deva of Trimurti

Ace Card: Infernoid Tierra
Deck Description: "Soul of Cinder" - A compendium of mechanical hell demons that appeared with the "Qliphoth" named "Infernoid", who are servants of the scourge: the false god. A deck with hardly any monster that can be Normal Summoned, but instead, majority will only be Special Summoned via the banishment of others. The fire fiends sport large amounts of power while having the ability to greatly hinder all Graveyard related tactics, large amounts of removing the opponent's cards from the game even beyond that, and other means of powerful field removal. The "Purgatory" back row fuels the deck's engine, constantly returning removed cards, searching for one another, even protecting the machine devils. Everything builds to one final goal, even with a Synchro engine on the side with a single tuner. "Void Imagination", who enables the swarming of many beasts, can Fusion Summon the God "Tierra", who grows larger in power with each being of the Sephirot fused into her being.
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Character Skill: “Purgatorio – Sephirot of the False Body God” - At the start of the duel, activate “Void Imagination” and “Void Expansion” from your deck. Those cards cannot be removed from the field except by their own effects, nor can they be negated, damage inflicted by your highest originally leveled monster is not halved, and all monsters you control and in your Graveyard are always “Infernoid” monsters. When you would Fusion Summon “Infernoid Tierra” using the effect of “Void Imagination”, you can also ignore one of the listed named materials and banish monsters from your Graveyard as Fusion Materials. “Infernoid Tierra” inflicts piercing damage and if 8 or more different monsters are used as Fusion Materials by this skill and “Void Imagination” combined, cannot be removed from the field by effect.

Once per duel, if 5 or more of your “Infernoid” monsters are banished, you can return five of the lowest leveled to your Graveyard.

Personality: “All according to plan.”

Cinder can be described as "a monster with no heart" by first glance. She is a woman who prides herself on constant progress and movement - the advancing of her plans more important than the lives of others. Always does she preach that the sacrificing of others to further ambitions is a worthy price to pay for grandiose rewards. Morality means nothing in the face of evolution and transcendence. That is the firm belief of one named after "the Destroyer". That isn't to say she isn't good to her soldiers that still live, especially those who survive any sacrificial tactics. A powerful comrade, a natural fit for a leader of a massive criminal syndicate that prioritizes growth toward the future. On top of all these traits, jeers will constantly fly out of her mouth when being assaulted by speeches of the "goodwilled". As stated before, morality is meaningless, so those who hold it so highly are only mocked by the Deva. "Your concept of 'the right thing' is why no one is actually happy", is told to the government. Hilarious idealism of peace via control and paranoia.

Shiva the Destroyer will guide her children via the annihilation of the current system. "Revolution" alongside two of the only human beings she will ever respect with all her heart, the other Devas of the Trimurti. A complete opposite view from the one she holds for Tsubasa, whom is constantly berated for failures and lack of guidance to anyone. Seems to be an old associate of Tsubasa, the two women going by a first-name basis implicating they were more personally involved in the past, despite loathing one another.

Biography: "naw"
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