The Setting (Incomplete)

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The Setting (Incomplete)

Post by Jelloniisan on Sun May 01, 2016 2:28 pm

“Who can you trust when nobody around you can even begin to understand what trust is?”

In a world controlled by a group authoritative figures, whom nobody knows the names, figures, or faces of, there is a great sense of paranoia clamoring to those who realize the eccentricity of the situation they have found themselves in. Through tooth and nail has risen a small reprise of resistance. Members of this organization seek not simply for answers, but for a truth they can hold onto. They seek justice for whoever has placed this stasis on humanity, and for what purpose they believe it is right. Others stay unaligned in this battle, simply playing the background. The world has come to a technological advance that there are even holograms of people and synthetic humanoids around the cities in commonplace, all working for and are under the authorization of this mysterious guild. Who can be trusted anymore? Neutral factions who understand and accept chaos, the resistance bred to find truth and justice, or the guild filled with ghosts and voided omissions of the truth.

The year is unknown, and the only concepts of time that are relative are hours and minutes. Days are no longer counted on a calendar and only very few can remember the time their lives have taken on. Age has become less than a number in value and only the knowledge one possesses can push them forward in this society. Wit and intelligence are the relying factors when it comes to understanding the truth the secretive Ministries have put in place.

With this new government installed, the only form of conflict resolution known besides brute force, is the use of Duel Monsters. Your power is determined by your ability to duel and win. Anyone who even pretends to exist within this society has a duel disk on them at nearly all times, and a deck specialized for them. Most are given to them at entrance exams by family or parents or siblings as congratulations for making it into the real world. Those found without a deck and a disk are asking for a bad time. With the way technology is so heavily advanced, the duel disks are able to accurately project the monsters as solid mass which can and will hurt you if the duelists are not careful. Dueling is one of the few ways people can settle conflicts majorly peacefully without government or security officials having to get involved...

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