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Character Skills

Post by Jelloniisan on Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:45 pm

So Character Skills have become more and more prevalent in Yu-Gi-Oh! roleplays recently and I feel that these are a really good way to help the diversity of decks in the community. I want Character Skills to not make or break your deck, but I want them to create an atmosphere of fluent playable nature.

My ultimatum: If you decide to pick a deck for this roleplay that is typically seen as powerful, fast, or part of the competitive meta, your skill may be gimped shorter, have less skills altogether, or may not be able to use it as often. However, the weaker or less competitive your archetype or deck is by nature, the more lenient I will be with your skill and it's development. That being said, please pick decks you feel like playing, not just for the benefit of having a really broken skill.

Character Skills have a limit from the beginning of the RP to the end. The maximum amount of skills a single RPC may have is 4 by the end of the RP. Skills will get balanced out between the hosts and the creator. As a player, do not take it upon yourself to force a change of skill on the skill creator if you feel it is unbalanced. If a large enough portion of the community feels its too strong, we'll request a change or reasonable nerf.

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